Save Bibo We hastily threw this site up as a quick response to the Bibo debacle taking place in our community.

Along the lines of what could be called, muckraker/watchdog journalism, we are utilizing the latest technological tools, database mining and old fashioned person-to-person networking along with tips provided by whistle-blowers like you to focus on collecting as much information — and hard evidence — as possible surrounding the outrage on Mount Rose Street.

If you have any information or tips to share, get-in-touch. You can leave a recorded message on the Save Bibo Tip Line (775-386-2503) or you can send messages via the Save Bibo contact page.

Who is behind Save Bibo?

A few individuals from the community. We will remain anonymous until some of the dust has settled, not because we fear retribution but because, as we continue to collect information, we want to focus on content over personality:

  • so that we can bring up questions that are relevant and ought to be known
  • so the community can have the information necessary to make an informed decision of whether to support the Coffeebar at the Mount Rose Location (at this juncture we having nothing against the Coffeebar, we want them in Reno but not in their planned location)
  • We understand the landlord of the Mount Rose location has exhibited a pattern of arbitrary expulsions and we intend to separate the reputation of the landlord from the behavior of the Coffeebar

Goals of Save Bibo:

  • Inform the community to allow them to make wise decisions of where they want to spend their dollars.
  • Welcome Coffeebar to Reno at another location, while providing the details and sentiments of why opening at the Mount Rose location is a terrible idea — in a business sense and, even more, in the sense of respect for the community.
  • Perception is reality for those experiencing the perception, whether true or not. We intend to get to the bottom of the scuttlebutt and align our perceptions with a fact based reality.


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