Under Siege: The House That Paul Built

Save Bibo Over the past week it has become publicly known that the Original Bibo Coffee House, one of the few true community gathering locations in southwest Reno, is being subject to a hostile takeover and — even — we blush to say, a calculated thieving of the ten years of hard work the Bibo Mount Rose coffee location expended to build a booming business loved by the community.

Not only does the forced removal of Bibo damage the business, but the real issue is that it damages the community.

The Bibo Mount Rose location, for the people who live near there and go there on a daily basis, is a community gathering place. It takes years to build up such a formidable institution and to create this type of space takes the effort of  — not a formula or business model — but the emotions, memories and interactions between the staff and the neigborhood.

In an effort to not let such an injustice move by the buildings landlord and the conniving out-of-town operator, going by the name of the Coffeebar, pass our community without a an uproar, this site, Save Bibo, is being launched by a diverse group of frequent customers to Bibo’s Mount Rose location.

We intend to spread the word about the incident, the landlord and the forthcoming Coffeebar.

And moreover, the details of the story and why you shouldn’t go to — and must actively encourage others — not to support the forthcoming Coffeebar.

The word douche-a-saurus comes to mind…

For example, the takeover team from the Coffeebar recently posted about their excitement of taking-over the Bibo shop and how they plan to replace an institution that has been a daily go-to for residence in the neighborhood for nearly ten years.

It’s been home to so many for so long. Bibo’s flagship location on Mount Rose is the closest thing to old Reno that’s existed in the area for over 50 years.

We’ll take liberties retitling the below extract from the Coffeebar’s recent announcement of Big News: a Letter to Reno/Tahoe.

Ummm… a better and more accurate title would be:

Coffeebar Makes Move To Co-opt Bibo’s Success

“Our excitement in entering the Reno market is mixed with some disappointment as the space we will be opening in July, at 680 Mt. Rose Street, represents the loss of a location for another prominent and well-respected local coffee business. We recognize, understand, and connect with the impact that this business has had on Southwest Reno through its Mt. Rose Street location and continues to have in serving the region through two other locations. They have truly ‘set the standard’ for local coffee houses. We look forward to honoring that tradition by continuing to serve Reno’s coffee community with excellent products, superior service, and a community-oriented atmosphere just as they have done.”

(Link: http://coffeebartruckee.wordpress.com/2013/04/21/big-news-a-letter-to-renotahoe)

It has also come to our attention that the Coffeebar has been censoring negative comments posted in response to the the blog linked above. (Update 04/27/2013, the unflattering comments have been approved and can now be viewed on the Coffeebar’s site–good job)

Is this the type of business we want in our community?

Likely not, at least not in this location. It would be a different story if another type of business was moving in. But, a me-too business, one with a similar business model and product?


Furthermore, how dumb do these Coffeebar folks have to be; they are stealing the Bibo location, thinking they can replace an institution, and moreover they are trying to cash-in on the success of a business that took ten years to build.

It is “their honor…” please.

Coffeebar do you really think anyone believes your BS?

Do you really think you’re going to have a bunch of Bibo customers happy about you taking over that location?

How did the Coffeebar get wind of the fact that Bibo was vacating the property before it was made public and before Bibo’s owners, themselves, knew about it — before their lease expired?

Answer that Mr. Greg Buchheister?

It’s slimy how you try and obscure the relationship in your latest post:

“It was never our intent to incite a debate among local coffee lovers. We were of the understanding that as of July 1st, the space on 680 Mt. Rose St was to be vacated by Bibo. Coffeebar had nothing to do with the non-renewal of their lease….Given the timing of the situation, it may seem like Coffeebar is doing Bibo an injustice by moving into the space but if not us, the blame will fall just as easily on the next tenant…Most importantly, we want to make sure it is clear to all parties that Coffeebar is not in any way the reason behind this current situation.” (source: Dear Loyal Bibo Customers…, a post on the Coffeebar’s website)

When you make plans to replace a community gathering center, someplace that to many is considered like home, what kind of welcome would you expect?

Shows how local and community oriented you are.

And, one more thing Mr. Buchheister (rhymes with shyster doesn’t it), isn’t it true that the landlord, Marvin, is a personal friend of yours?


Anyhow folks, we have a lot more for you on this outrage perpetuated against Bibo and its loyal — even fanatic — customers coming soon. This is just the first shot … getting the site up and, collecting evidence and raising a battle call.


To support, provide tips and/or share an anecdote about the shady practicing surrounding the siege against the original Bibo location email the Save Bibo Movement at