The Landlord

So much of what we’ve been hearing about the ousting concerns the buildings landlord and a pattern of booting successful businesses out of his building.

Below are links to all that is known and rumored from sources sending us info and other links crowded sourced from around the web.


Many comments about the landlord and his practices/patterns in the comment section on the following pages:

Comments following post by Ryan Stark to Coffee-bar.

Comments following post on Coffeebar’s own facebook page.

In comments following Bibo announcement of ousting. (You need to be signed into facebook to view this one)

What Sezmu had to say about getting booted.

Sent to us via our contact page:

“The information that I have, although I received it secondhand, is that this landlord has a longstanding habit of doing this. I am passing along what i’ve heard, so if you haven’t, you can look into it and expose the true nature of this problem.

Most recently, the Sezmu restaurant was thriving in that location, current on their rent and wanting to renew and the landlord refused to renew. no sooner was Sezmu out, then Wild Garlic was on the way in.

Prior to that, the House of Bread and the M Home stores found themselves in the same predicament. Landlord would not renew because he had a new tenant lined up, presumably for more money or better terms for him.

I also heard a story from a friend who wanted to open his own organic bread store there quite a while ago, and the landlord refused to rent to him.  A number of months later, the House of Bread store moved in.

I hope this information helps.  It’s truly gross to see unethical business going on right under our noses. People who act in this manner deserve to be exposed.

I wonder if the new coffee company coming in knows of this landlord’s history of abusing his tenants?”

Basically, from most of what’s known — the landlord of 680 Mt Rose St has a pattern of ejecting successful businesses from his home: he lives in the basement of the building. Therefore, for any business intending to rent from the building, beware of the additional risk you are taking due to your landlord.

To contact landlord:

684 Mount Rose St 
Reno, Nevada 89509-3364
(775) 848-8614
Privately held by Marvin D Grulli